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Latest projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on.

Test sims using sop solver techniques.

New trailers of projects I worked on recently…


This is the reel breakdown.

This time we use the growing attribute to trigger cloth and pyro simulations.

BTW all models for testing were downloaded from google’s 3DWarehouse.

The file here.

This example shows how the control of geometry attributes in houdini allows to tweak every aspect of a simulation in sops, before the actual sim. In this case to grow a trigger attribute across the geometry.

The bricks turning red are actually getting a true value on a trigger attribute, and therefore being activated in the rigid body simulation.

This is probably the most common use of sop solvers in houdini, feeding the previous frame geometry values to the next one. The grow effect can be based in height, distance, connectivity, transferred from an object,…

You can find the example scene here.


New trailer for “Justin and the Knights of Valour”, including some of the FX sequences I worked on during 2012.

I was wrong… vops are multi-thread and Houdini’s performance monitor showed that the tessellate asset was slow because of a for-each sop node. I found a way to avoid it and now tessellating point clouds is lightning fast. I did some testing with a couple of flip fluid simulations and here are the numbers.

From one million particles to 25 million and 2 minutes per frame.

From one hundred thousand particles to 10 millions and 10 seconds per frame.

All tests on a i7 processor machine with 24 Gb of RAM.

You can find the new version of the asset here.