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Monthly Archives: June 2012

A few years ago… I did an electric rays setup for an animated film. Since then I’ve been thinking how to make it more generic, so it could become an automatic tool. Sadly, I always found that it would be heavy and slow, and would require hundreds of code lines in the platform I was using, Maya.

With Houdini I was able to retake it from scratch.

The new approach is modular and takes advantage of the visual programming from VOPs.

You can find the Asset Library here.


Since January 2012 I am working on Kandor Graphics new animated project, “Justin and the Knights of Valour”. My position is fully based in Houdini.

The Studio is located in Granada, Spain and has lots of friendly and talented people.

A couple of Houdini assets I created to make any kind of geometry growing easier. You just plug a set of points describing motion and your animated geometry samples, and take a seat to watch them raise.

The first asset samples the points path to draw curves or tubes, so it’s good for creating streams of objects.

The second asset uses the points attributes and its own parameters to instantiate geometry samples, offsetting transform and animation to add randomness.

You can find the OTL file here.