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Monthly Archives: November 2012

This is the teaser trailer of the project I’ve been involved along 2012, Justin and the Knights of Valour.

Enjoy it!

Finally I found an easy way to extrapolate position data and so increase resolution of point clouds procedurally. The method is creating triangles of scattered points between each point and its neighbors inside a distance threshold, or just let’s say tessellating the point cloud.

The video above shows simulations increased in 20 times the point count.

The asset is mostly based in point cloud iteration nodes inside vop sops and include attributes to displace the result and avoid pure triangle shapes. It is a good tool to upres particle fluid simulations like the ones coming from flip fluids or realflow, and hopefully is going to be used to improve waterfall simulations in my current project.

Although is not a fast process (vops lack of multithreading) it’s fully procedural, so no need to re-simulate and ready to be parallelized in a render farm. You can find this tessellate asset and the previous post trail one inside the following OTL file.