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This time we use the growing attribute to trigger cloth and pyro simulations.

BTW all models for testing were downloaded from google’s 3DWarehouse.

The file here.


  1. hi sir. burning paper effect is really awesome .i would like to know the process of the effect and try it in maya .plz give me guldens. thank you.

    • In maya you would have to use the API or SOUP procedural suite to make the attribute grow.
      But it is way messier…

  2. very niiiiice effect …
    but i can’t get the file … it says : A network change was detected.

    • Please, try again… it should work now.

  3. hi, stumbled upon your site looking into sop solver growing techniques..
    Nice examples, thanks. I see how you’re controlling burn speed with noise and threshold
    in the paper burn example.. Wonder if you have looked into making it go faster
    than one connection/timestep on sop solver.. Been playing
    around with pclookup and expanding search radius to speed it up.. (But for surfaces
    the neighbor search is probably faster than a cloud lookup).
    wonder if you played around with that stuff..

    • Hi Alex,

      Main techniques I use to make attributes grow are neighbor connectivity, point cloud lookup and attribute transfer. In the previous post you can find a file with them applied, beside different activation methods too.

      Point cloud is very fast and efficient, and attribute transfer is slow due to its lack of multithreading.

      Thank you,


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