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My name is Damián LM and I am new to this world of blogs.

Since I started working on 3D I always made tests at home to keep me updated and develop ideas that came to my head. At the very beginning they were unconnected and focused on solving small problems, but time have made them grow and become more tool oriented, so they might be used by others. I have realized that all of them have something in common, they are based in procedural animation.

What is procedural animation? you may say… well, it’s the ability to create living objects and natural phenomena inside a 3D package using just mathematical expressions, functions and coding, so… no keyframe animation or simulation process allowed, or at least the less and simplest of them only.

I have used these techniques during my carreer as an FX TD for animation films to avoid the use of dynamics all the time, and I should say I have enjoyed them much more than simulating. After these years I needed a place to put everything together, and this 80’s CG looking blog was born.

Since I started using Houdini in my last position I am getting more and more comfortable with it. Apart from its powerful simulation engines, this software is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to go procedural.




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  1. hey i loved you last demo reel and it inspired me. I’ve been searching for this area and i would know your college formation and courses that made you to work well with houdini. could you give an advice for this career?

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